Worthwhile Causes

On this page I will share a brief description of businesses that I believe are doing it right and to worthwhile causes and how you can support them:

THE BULLY PROJECT – Help prevent an epidemic plaguing 13 million children, bullying. 

Go to their site to learn more:  www.thebullyproject.com

THREE AVOCADOS – Another coffee for a cause.  I drink plenty of coffee so I like promoting companies that are making a difference.  Plus I love Avocados and think that is a cool name.  There is a touching reason why they are called that, please read about it on their site.  They help provide funding for clean water projects.

Go to their site to learn more: www.threeavocados.org

LAUGHING MAN COFFEE – Think of it as coffee for a cause.  This company was started by Hugh Jackman (Yes THAT Hugh Jackman, calm down ladies he is happily married), and his friend Barry Steingard and David Steingard.

Go to their site to learn more:  http://shop.livelaughingman.com

SEVENLY -This company was started by two young men.  They give back to 7 different causes.  Amazingly they are only 19 and 26 years old.  I am we will just say much older than each of them, and I am just now figuring it out.  Way to go guys, you Rock!

Go to their site to learn more: http://sevenly.org/


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