Hernia repair surgery time

What a fun time, uhh, not really.  Having a Hernia is no fun, not even a little bit.  I have what’s called an Inguinal Hernia, which is near the groin.

If you research a Hernia you will find out a few things, one of which scared the hell out me.  The first not really scary thing is that there is no cure, you need to have surgery.

The scary part which I read but after talking to doctors apparently is not too big a threat, but it sure sounded like it to me. 

Essentially a Hernia is a tear in your lining where your guts reside, and when you have one stuff, drops down in to your groin area.  The way you know this is you have a nice little, roughly baseball sized pouch.

The kind of gross part is that you can push this stuff back into your abdomen. 

The scary part is if this tear becomes larger, some fun stuff can happen.  Your guts can spill further down.

Where do they go?  I have no idea but all kinds of scary images come to mind. There is not much room beyond where the stuff has already dropped to, so I imagine my guts inside my leg.  Yeah I know gross picture but I guess I watch too many horror movies.

The I believe worse time is your bowels can get stuck and not push back and then it’s Emergency time.

Currently the pain is not too bad, but I suspect tomorrow after noon and evening will be no fun.

Still smiling though!

As always, thanks sincerely for reading.

Be kind to one another.


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