TV – The Following on Fox

SPOILER ALERT I am writing this as if you dear reader have watched the show or more precisely are “following” the show. Groan I know bad pun, who cares.  If you have not then you may want to stop reading, but then again I would argue you aren’t watching the show anyway and this may convince you to start so keep reading.

I am a passionate and avid fan of all types of entertainment and pop culture.  I also read quite a bit, so I am going to start doing blog posts on different stuff I like.  So expect me to cover Video Games, Books, Movies, TV, Music and other stuff.  I may eventually even do YouTube videos and or Podcasts.  I also pride myself on knowing the names of character actors, and my ex-wife used to always be amazed that we would be watching a movie and I could name a character actor that she had no idea who it was.

Having said this I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t realize that James Purefoy had guest starred on another one of my favorite shows, Revenge on ABC.  I had to look it up and then realized the role he had played, but maybe in my defense the reason I missed it is because James is just that good an actor and the role is so different.  Of course it could be because I was distracted by the lovely Madeleine Stowe.  That’s a good excuse for missing your great performance right James?

The Following is very unique and has a cool premise, with great writing and acting.  I am a fan of Kevin Williamson since watching the original Scream.  It breathed new life into a genre that had become rather stale, that of horror.

In this new show he has developed a fantastic good versus evil dynamic with two brilliant actors Kevin Bacon as the tortured good guy and James Purefoy as the evil guy who oozes charm and charisma, making him that much more dangerous.  The writing is crisp and every episode is a thrill ride and the show is getting better each week as they reveal more but at the same time toss more mystery and intrigue our way.

The cat and mouse relationship that the two leads have is fascinating to watch.  While the entire cast is great, besides of course the two leads the other standout in my opinion is Shawn R. Ashmore.  The chemistry between him and Kevin Bacon is great and it is quite fun to see their relationship improving as Kevin’s Ryan Hardy begins to lower his guard a little and let Mike Weston in.

What impressed me the most though was the episode Let Me Go (episode 7) when James Purefoy is temporarily reunited with his son, I figure that can’t last right?  Here is a character that at least when we meet him is pure evil, but this last scene in this episode shows us that even the most evil of people still have a kernel of humanity left in them and nothing is completely black and white. 

I always give credit to the writers, but this is one scene that I believe has to give almost 100% credit to James Purefoy because it is such a tightrope to walk.  In this scene he manages to emote perfectly and believably.  Had he been completely stoic we would hate this character even more.  Had he started blubbering when he saw his son, it would have become a cartoon and not been believable.  Instead you could see James’ features soften and his eyes welled with tears but none were spilt.  You were able to see the man he was prior to his heinous crimes, and you saw a father who despite all his evil, loves his son.

As a Dad who has not seen his son for 2 years, I can say without reservation that these emotions felt right on the mark. 

One other thing I would like to do with these posts is to try and expose you to another show, movie, book etc. that I believe was under appreciated, or didn’t get the audience it deserved.

That would be Taking Chance with Kevin Bacon.  This is a fantastic movie that you can see with the whole family, it is a true story and I believe will reaffirm your faith in our country.  I also feel it is one of Kevin Bacon’s best performances.  I won’t give away anything about the movie but strongly recommend you rent it and check it out.  Be prepared to cry and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Okay, now my request of Kevin, is it okay if I call you Kevin?  I think if I was fortunate enough to meet you, you would be cool with it.  I realize that you are crazy busy, with a wife, kids, a band and who knows what else. I completely understand and respect your wanting to have balance in your life by doing less episodes than a standard full season, but if there is any way you could give us a few more episodes for next year, even if it’s only two more, your fans would greatly appreciate it.

Till next time, be good and do some good.  Thanks for reading.

Carpe Diem

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