Poker – Getting away from a flopped set over set, can you?

Okay, I am 100% sincere when I say that I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback on this situation.  I welcome any input but would really be appreciative if I could get some responses from professional players, and especially any or all of my instructors from Deep Stacks Live.  You all know who you are.

I will give a little background regarding the other player and the situation.  This was a player that was pretty aggressive and at least my impression/read on him was that he put little to no thought in to what his opponent might be holding and would just push pretty recklessly.  This hand was at the final table of the Harrah’s Rincon 2 day ring event last Sunday/Monday.

There were 138 entrants and 28 of us made it to the final day.  There were a few hands I was aware of with this player that indicate to me that at least in most hands I saw, I believe luck played a much bigger part than skill in his getting as far as he did.  One I was involved in and survived and another hand he got very lucky late in the tourney to survive.

Hand against me I had limped in early position with K,K and he raised, I re-raised and then he went all in.  After I called he flipped over A,Jo and my hand held.  Against another player he called all in against A,K with Q,10 off on an A high flop and hit running 10’s.

So finally here is the hand I busted on and I would like honest opinions of whether I should have been able to get away from this hand.   I would like to know both from a perspective of if I had no knowledge at all of how my opponent plays, and also knowing what I did know about him.

I am in the small blind with 2,2 blinds were 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante.  Opponent in late position raised to $11k, and I called.  Flop:

J,2,Q rainbow.  I check he bets 15k, I make it 45k he moves all in, I call and he turns over J,J and I am out in 8th.

Regardless I am very happy with my play as I started the day with 17,200 second shortest stack with a chip average of 47k and at the end of the first 40 minute level I was over 100k in chips. 

I really thought I would win this thing.

Should I have been able to fold my set the way the hand went down? 

I thank all of you in advance for any input.

Carpe Diem,


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