Creating a Robust Password

Since many of us rely on the internet for so many functions today it is critical to create a robust password that is very difficult to crack.
But…… How do you do this and still remember it, without going insane?  Suprisingly it is very easy to do this once you have the key and follow a couple of very basic rules.  I have passwords that contain 14 characters and I have no problem remembering them.  So how do I do this?  Read on my friend.
Well I learned a great tip, now I did not think of this and cannot remember exactly where I read it since I read so much, but here it is:
1.  You want to create a password that is at least 10 characters long and contains a combination of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and whenever possible special characters, i.e. ?, & etc.  (now please note that not all websites will allow for special characters, and ironically enough I have found that banks, which you would think should and would want you to create the MOST robust passwords do not allow for special characters, go figure)  In the event that you find a website that does not allow for special characters or in some other way limits the type of password you are allowed to create, then you will have to modify these instructions accordingly.
2.  You take the alphabet and break it in half to determine which letters you will use as lower case and which you will use as upper case.  Very simple, A-M=lower case N-Z=upper case.  So when creating your password all you have to do is remember this simple formula.
3.  Find some special characters that you will remember, now I like to use no less than one and no more than 3 in my passwords, so for example you could use exclamation points and in order to remember them without going insane I like to bracket my password with the special characters.  At the end of my explanation I will create a sample password to you can visualize exactly what you are going to want to create.
4.  Choose some numerals that are easy for you to remember but not too easy.  I would suggest no less than two numbers and no more than 4 numbers.  You can choose something significant like your anniversary month or a combination of your children’s birthday’s or birth months.  You get the idea just pick a few numbers that you will remember.  Now you need to make sure you remember where you put them in the password.  I place my numerals in the middle of my password directly after a double letter, so it’s very easy for me to remember.
5.  Here is the last piece of the puzzle.  What you want to do is think of a phrase that is important and significant to you and you alone, and this in combination with the special characters, numerals and use of both upper and lower case letters will create a password that is easy for you to remember but nearly impossible for someone else to crack.
6.  Example of exactly how this works.  Let’s put this all together, shall we?
a.  Create your special phrase:  “My Dog Always Gets And Eats My Newspaper”
b.  Create your special characters:  &,!
c.  Create your special numbers: 12 (Your Dog’s Birth Month)
d.  Your new password is:  &mda12gaemN!
Now you see you just created a 12 character password that I would challenge even the best password cracker to crack!!
In summary you have a robust password that is long and contains numerals, upper and lower case letters, and special characters.

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