Bully Movie issue complicated Part 1

On March 9, 2012 I had a very productive conversation with Joan Graves who is the head of the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) division of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

As a father of a 15 year old boy who is the target demographic for this movie I feel very passionate about this subject.  I have read quite a bit of information on this subject from both sides and feel comfortable that as a Hollywood outsider I am probably one of the most knowledgeable on this subject but I know that I still have more to learn about it.

I intend to discuss my conversation with Joan Graves in greater detail as well as give my opinion on the entire subject, but in all fairness to the director of Bully Lee Hirsch and to Harvey and Bob Weinstein I would like to speak to anyone associated with the Bully movie who was at the appeals board so I can get their perspective as well.

I will wait until the end of next week to do part 2 of this blog post, in order to allow someone from the Bully movie to speak to me.  I can be reached via direct message on Twitter @mpolack.

I want to be very fair in my blog post, since I feel so strongly about this subject and felt one way prior to speaking with Joan Graves, but now have been exposed to a different perspective and after having spoken to her and listened to what she had to say I believe the issue is much more complicated than has been portrayed in the media.

This is a very emotional issue, and as such it is easy to get caught up in the emotion and not think and act clearly.  Certainly I initially acted mostly out of emotion without doing enough homework.  I will make my best effort in the future to do my due diligence before acting or worse reacting.  I hope to bring both sides of this issue in a clear and thoughtful manner to continue the debate and conversation.

The bottom line is that I care deeply for my son and for all children of the target demographic and hope to affect change.

Carpe Diem,



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