THQ survival & Michael Pachter additional comments

I received comments on both my blog posts about Michael Pachter and THQ and their chances for survival.  I was really gratified that the comments were insightful and civil. 

I also want to thank Michael Pachter again for being very gracious and for linking to my blog.  He also sent me a couple of direct messages and I appreciate the fact that he is a very busy man, so the fact that he took the time to do so, shows that he is a class act.

While often I do not agree with his opinion I have always respected him and other analysts and do so even more now.  I watched Mr. Pachter’s weekly Pach-Attack webcast for the first time and found it entertaining and informative.

His explanation of the video game pricing model was spot on.  As far as THQ is concerned I received a comment that essentially stated that UFC is not the same as GTA.  I agree completely that they are not in the same league, however felt it was important that I clarify my comments somewhat.

Firstly GTA was not GTA initially, and what I mean by that is that, it was not an overnight success and took time to build an audience and become the monster hit it is today.  I don’t believe that UFC will ever achieve those numbers but……

It doesn’t have to.  If THQ can cut costs dramatically which they are well on their way to do and can be very cautious then the revenue from one or two moderately successful titles may be enough to pull them out of the tailspin that they are currently in.

Will it be enough?  I really don’t know for sure, but I have seen it happen before and not just with GTA.  They have a few properties that nurtured properly could give them the breathing room they need.

Ultimately I do not know what will happen, but the people that I had the pleasure to work with were genuinely good people and I am rooting for them.

There is no doubt that this calendar year is probably the most critical year in their existence and only time will tell the final outcome.

Thanks to all for reading, following and commenting.

I will be following Mr. Pachter’s weekly webcast and encourage you to do so also.  Here is a link to it:

Carpe Diem,


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