THQ will they survive?

First let me state that I am 100% independent.  I do not currently work for any video game company and therefore I can freely give my opinion without fear of any reprisals.  My background is over 25 years experience in the video game business comprising of purchasing, marketing and sales.

I have worked for retailers, publishers and distributors including D&H Distributing, Baker & Taylor, Konami, Toy’s R Us, Circuit City and more.  Everything written in my blog is 100% my opinion and my original thoughts.  Since I am not currently working for any video game company I am not privy to any specific information. I just have a solid understanding of this industry and do quite a bit of research, and as such can formulate my opinions.

Also I have no financial investment in any video game company nor am I being compensated by anyone in any way shape or form for my opinions. Having stated the above I am rooting for THQ and like the company very much.  I do not know Brian Farrell nor most of the upper management other than a few directors, vp’s and regional managers.

In all my dealings with THQ, I and the companies I represented were always treated respectfully and fairly and this is not always the case.  So I am hopeful that THQ will survive, firstly because the industry needs healthy companies and secondly because I do believe that despite some recent mistakes they are a decent company with good people.  Having personally experienced lay off’s, I don’t want to see anyone else lose their jobs.

I also like THQ’s presence on social media and their entry into mobile gaming, the diversification is good and should help them.  What are THQ’s chances then?  Well, I believe they are 50/50 or maybe being more bullish 60/40 in favor of their survival.  For those of you in the industry you know full well that you are only as good as your last hit, and sometimes that’s all it takes to take a company from the precipice of disaster to success.

I believe that UFC Undisputed 3 may just be the title that saves THQ.  Of course they need to tread very carefully moving forward, but if you go back in history you will find other examples of one title saving a company.  Most notably would be Take-Two Interactive. 

Many people don’t remember that T2 was almost bankrupt and at death’s door prior to the release of a little title called Grand Theft Auto, and the rest as they say is history.  If it were not for GTA, more than likely Take-Two would no longer be around.  So is UFC 3 THQ’s GTA?

Time will tell but here is some very positive news for THQ thus far:

1.  Metacritic score of 85 across 52 reviews.  This is very good news indeed and is a strong indicator of the potential success for the title.

2.  Sales thus far of approximately 500k units in a very short period of time.

3.  UFC is hot and continues to gain in popularity.  I have always been a boxing fan and had little to no interest in UFC, until I saw the movie Warrior and now I have become a UFC fan.

Heck I can’t even find my Xbox 360 and am still tempted to go buy UFC 3 and hang on to it until I can buy a new Xbox 360.

My crystal ball is only as good as the next guy’s but I am hopeful that THQ will pull through.  I welcome any and all comments and opinions on this or any subject covered in my blog.

Carpe Diem,



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One Response to THQ will they survive?

  1. darkm4n says:

    I hate to say it, but with only 3 games being released this year they are really treading thin ice, if the ice hasn’t broken already. I haven’t calculated the math behind that, but I’d be very skeptical that’s going to add up enough to pull them through.

    Also, UFC is no where near on par with GTA as far popularity is concerned. Maybe it’s a good game on its own, but I really doubt it will be the run-a-way success GTA is. A quick glance at and UFC has sold ~8m combined while GTA has sold ~100m. That’s a huge difference.

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