Reinventing oneself is fun and fulfilling

For more than 25 years I worked in the corporate world.  I started in retail as a seasonal warehouse worker at Best Products in the early 80’s and slowly worked my way up the career ladder as we are all taught to do.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that, and I am proud of my accomplishments along the way.

I learned a great deal and would never trade any of my experiences.  In fact I have never been one to look back only forward.  I won’t say that I have never made any mistakes because there have been plenty but……  I firmly believe that if you learn from your mistakes it’s okay, and nothing can be gained by looking in the rear view mirror. That is unless that giant T-Rex from Jurassic Park is chasing you then I guess it’s okay to look in the rear view mirror.  Otherwise just look forward!

Some of you know what the last 3 years have been like for me, and while I am not thrilled with my current financial position I am truly happy and I wake up very early everyday, even on my day’s off and I am excited for what the day will bring me and look forward to each new adventure.  My career after retail was working on the publishing side initially then on the wholesale distribution of Video Games.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a technology junkie and an entertainment buff, so having worked in this industry and having had the pleasure to also work for wholesalers that also carried electronics and or movies and music was an absolute thrill ride.  I had the pleasure of working for Konami, the creators of some classic video games including Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Gradius, Axelay, Frogger, Contra and many others.  During my time in the industry I had the pleasure of having dinner with Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvelous Marvin Hagler while promoting Boxing Legends of the Ring.

I had the pleasure of being instrumental in building 2 multi-million dollar profitable game divisions with my teams at D&H Distributing and Baker&Taylor.  While at these companies and others I worked at in the past I was fortunate enough to call on the headquarters of some of the largest retailers in our nation, some that still exist and some that are sadly gone.  I was able to call on Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Woolworth’s, Best Buy, Toy’s R Us, and Target just to name a few.  While on the wholesale side I was fortunate enough to have been able to work with Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, THQ, Take-Two, Namco, Sega, Ubisoft, Capcom, Activision and many more.

I even got to pitch Nintendo products on television for QVC.  I think deep down inside I always wanted to be on TV or the movies, so this was as close as I will likely get, but what a thrill it was, and it was live television so you really had to think on your feet.  So we now fast forward to today, which brings me to the title of the blog.

I have started one book based upon my life and especially the experience of last year of being homeless for a thankfully short time, but anytime is too much time if you ask me.  I also have a title and an idea for a second book about my Great Grandfather who was instrumental in introducing French Wine to Argentina and also was an influential businessman and politician.

If you like wine check out a wine called Don Tiburcio from Benegas wineries.  It is not very common but I have found it in Southern California and my nephew also located it in New York.  My Great Grandfather on my mother’s side was Don Tiburcio Benegas.  I am very proud of my heritage and you can read briefly about him here:

One thing that I believe the good lord blessed me with besides the gift of gab, is a mind that always looks for process and or product improvements.  I always have ideas and I have a few cool product ideas that I am working on.  One of the best lessons I think I learned over the past couple of rough years is that it is much easier to make excuses than to take action.

Since I did not and actually still don’t have any money, to start some of the ideas that would require money, for the longest time I pretty much did nothing.  It was easy to just say to myself, well you don’t have any money for this idea or that idea so I guess you just can’t do anything about it.

This is utter bullshit!  Since I have had a wholesale change in my attitude I have realized just how much you can do with little or no money.  Many of you are familiar with the saying of doing things on a shoestring budget.  I like to quip that hell, not only do I not have the shoestring I barely have the eyelet to work with.

The reality though today is that we live in such a great time technologically that with some basics like an internet connection you can accomplish plenty if you want to.  Even when I was homeless I had an iPad still, and found free wi-fi believe it or not, outdoors in a town that was very progressive and had wired part of the town.  Amazingly the wi-fi outside was faster than the free wi-fi you could get at the local Starbucks in the same town.

While I can’t know for sure what the future holds, I do know that I have the best attitude that I have had in my entire life, and that as much as I love the video game and technologies industries, and I love selling I realize that, that career may very well be over.  I have completely come to terms with this and remain positive and happy and look forward to the next chapter in my life whatever that may be.

With hard work, a great attitude and perseverance my life has improved tremendously in a few short months.  I am confident that as I continue on this positive path I will see equal improvements in my financial status as I have seen in my personal life.  My long term goal besides improving my financial situation is to give to various charitable organizations that I have been following.

Life is short, so be good to others and see how much better you feel.

Carpe Diem,


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