Poker later Hooters hypocrisy now!

I had planned to blog about Poker today as I played a tournament yesterday and lasted more than 6 hours and played very well, but missed the money, then I decided to address a totally different issue.

In the next day or two I will blog about Poker and give a specific shout out to my friends at Deepstacks Poker, but for today I want to talk about Hooters and what I see as some hypocrisy on their part.

My daughter who is new to Southern California is looking for a job, she has experience in restaurants and as a bartender.  She is charming, beautiful and loves working with people.  She thought working at Hooters would be a good fit, for a variety of reasons.

Now Hooters can tell me that their name is about Owls, but I ain’t buying it folks.  I will borrow a line from Judge Judy Sheindlin which is a title of her book which I find hilarious: “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell me It’s Raining”

So Hooters now I am going to be blunt and call you out.  You are promoting and selling sex!  You make so-so chicken wings, I much prefer either Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings.  People don’t come to your chain for the food, they come to see young women wearing skimpy shorts and tight shirts.

My daughter did some research before applying and found out much to her and my surprise that Hooters does not allow visible tattoos.

What the F?

Hooters, you are okay with objectifying woman and essentially selling sex but tattoos are some how objectionable?  I really don’t get it.  My daughter has a great personality and the ahem assets that you want in a server, but because she has a few tasteful tattoos she is out of contention for a job in your restaurant?

Pretty narrow minded and short sighted if you ask me.  You folks should really reconsider your policies.  It actually could be considered to be discriminatory too.

Okay I am off my soapbox for today.

Shameless plug time:  Check out my daughter’s YouTube videos and see if you don’t agree that she would be an asset to any organization.  Hooter’s loss will be some other progressive and intelligent companies gain.

Carpe Diem,


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