Gary Carter and others lost too soon – Facing our mortality

So I am a little bummed today.  The great hall of fame catcher Gary Carter lost his battle with brain cancer.  It’s really weird because I wasn’t even a Met’s fan.  I was initially an A’s fan and fondly remember going to games with my late brother.  Once the A’s acquired Jose Canseco, I pretty much despised him and switched my allegiance to the Giants and have been a fan of theirs since.

Why then am I bummed about Gary Carter?  Well, I guess because unlike some spoiled celebrities he was always classy and a gentleman both on and off the field, but also because I grew up watching him play.  It’s really strange though because he was actually only 9 years older than I am!

I realize that we have lost a few celebrities recently that died way too young, but while this may seem cold on my part, I really have a tough time feeling sorry for those we lost that despite seemingly having it all, at least financially couldn’t deal with life and drank and or did drug’s until their bodies could not longer handle it.  I do however feel sorry for their families left behind and especially children they left behind.

Gary Carter on the other hand did nothing to his body, he was just dealt a bad hand.  It makes me realize how important every single day I have on this earth is. While I may not have much financially, I am blessed with relatively good health and having 2 healthy and really good kids.

My goal moving forward is to give back as much as possible, even if I can’t do so financially yet, I can give of my time and promote causes I believe are worthwhile.

That’s why you see a page on my blog for worthwhile causes and I will add more as it makes sense and why I use social media to promote such causes as Laughing Man Coffee, Sevenly and I am adding Three Avocado’s to the list today.  After all I drink plenty of coffee so I should promote companies that are giving back and being good corporate citizens.


Carpe Diem,


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