Reconnecting, old and new, we all need people

I have always tended to be rather stubborn, but as I get older and hopefully wiser I realize that maybe that’s not the best way to be.  Don’t worry I still have some stubbornness left, I just wield it more wisely.

My friend encouraged me to use social media more, which I really resisted at first.  Once I decided that it made sense on various levels to start using social media I realized the importance of people and how ultimately the saying “no man is an island” is so true.  I also am finding out it’s quite a bit of fun finding old friends.  I check out Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn daily.  Quite frankly it is rather overwhelming at times, but also very gratifying.

I am up at 5:15am every morning and feel much more productive than I have been in years, I exercise and feel great.  Life goes by very quickly, and I fully intend to enjoy and savor each and every moment.

Today I went back to LinkedIn and started to send out connection invites and I found an old dear friend, that I had lost contact with and I called him up and it was like we had not missed a beat.  I am going to make every effort this time to stay in touch and connected and not allow geography to separate us.

No matter how much you think you can do everything on your own, the truth of the matter is that we all need people and more importantly life is so much fuller, and richer with people in our lives.

I love where I am at mentally, spiritually, emotionally,romantically.  Financially not so much, but I believe firmly that, that aspect of my life is the least important, and will improve now that I am making the right decisions.

I have never been materialistic, I simply look upon money as a tool to accomplish other things and to help others.  I recently have reconnected with many people from my video game past.

My dear friend Josh who I just spoke to today, said he discovered my blog and while I am just a regular guy it is really gratifying to know that a handful of people are enjoying my ramblings.

The most important reconnection in my life is my 21 year old daughter Sierra.  I am truly blessed.  Thanks to all for reading, I am truly and sincerely humbled that you take the time.

Shameless plug time:

Carpe Diem,


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