Finish the book now or later?

Bonus post since I didn’t post yesterday.  So dear readers here is my dilemma and I welcome any advice and suggestions on this dilemma.  For those of you that have been following my blog you know that just a little less than a year ago I had the misfortune of being homeless for a mercifully short time.

I started to write a book about that experience as well as others in my life.  I have been personally touched by Suicide, Manslaughter and other significant events and I felt that this book would be uplifting, encouraging and entertaining for others to read.  I say entertaining because despite what would otherwise be some pretty depressing subject matters, I believe laughter is great medicine and I keep it as light as can be under the circumstances.

So here is the situation, I have already written about 30 pages and have mapped out chapter titles and have essentially outlined the rest of the book.  If I were to devote the time to write daily I could finish the book pretty quickly and publish it on Kindle, and I do believe that while it would probably start off slowly it would build, be discovered and make money.

Money, it always comes down to money.  Now it’s possible that nobody would buy it and it wouldn’t make a dime, and actually that’s okay too.  However, I am a pretty good marketer and I am getting better at it everyday and I would market the hell out of it, and do believe it would be successful.

Finally we arrive at the dilemma.  Right now I do not make much money in my job, and while I have a great gig, in so many ways and I truly feel blessed, I don’t have the money I need to help my family out and to get my business going among other ventures I want to get going. 

My true desire with this book is to donate all the after tax proceeds to various charities that I am passionate about, but if I publish the book immediately, I need money so I would only donate 10% to charity and keep the rest to help my family and work towards my business endeavors.

If I wait until I can improve my income and not need the theoretical potential income from this book then I could do what I really desire and donate all the money.  I really believe the book will sell, via word of mouth and marketing and I believe there is money to be made, but I don’t want to make money of this particular book.  If I have another one in me later, that would potentially be for money.

So, do I finish the book and publish it immediately or wait until it is truly the labor of love that I intend it to be and not make any money from it.

I am torn, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

Gratefully yours,


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