Do Dryers eat Xbox’s too?

Okay, so I am enjoying some leftover Famous Dave’s BBQ and thought I would do my blog now, since I am going to play some Poker tonight.  Alright so we have all lost some socks in the dryer right? 

It’s weird how a perfectly good pair of socks will enter the dryer, I mean you make sure you see them both go in, you are sure of it.  Then when it comes time to empty the dryer one is missing.  How is this possible?

I mean after all you are never missing like a shirt or a pair of pants or some underwear right?  I know what you are thinking, well a sock is much smaller and easier to lose.

Okay, I will give you that but how about a handkerchief.  I would argue that it’s about the same size as a sock, and guess what?  I have never lost a handkerchief.  Just sayin’

So on to the Xbox, when I went through my thankfully short homeless period I had some things I just couldn’t part with, my Xbox being one of them in a box in a locked storage unit.  Recently I emptied the storage unit to cut costs and the Xbox has vanished.

Naturally the only thing I can think of is that the same alternate world where the socks from your dryer go, must be where my Xbox is.  Either that or I am haunted, not sure which.

A very humble and heartfelt thank you to all who follow/read my blog.  There are not too many of you yet, but those of you who do tend to be loyal and I am truly humbled and thankful that you take the time.  Special thanks to Franco, Leslie, Dmitrii and Jbronson.  The rest of you I don’t know who you are so can’t give you an official shout out!

Extra special thanks to Leslie for liking my son Hunter’s review of Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning.  He is 15 and this is his first review and I know he will love it when I tell him today that he got a like.  He is in PA with my ex and I am in SoCal, so I don’t see him, so that blog and YouTube channel is one other way, we stay connected.

Short and sweet today folks.

Shameless plug time:

Type at you tomorrow.

Carpe Diem,


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