The kids are alright!

It’s really thrilling for me to see both my kids age 21 and 15 (almost 16) take to working on the internet, having fun and maybe building something towards the future.  Worse case scenario they are learning various skills and having fun.

The toughest part and what makes me the proudest is the fact that they really don’t have the right equipment to do it right but are not letting that deter them from moving forward.  You hear about doing things on a shoestring budget.

Hell we don’t even have the shoestring, we barely have the eyelet.  My daughter has a MacBook that is several years old and was damaged by the movers and has some major issues.  Despite this she is shooting YouTube videos on her mobile phone.  No front facing camera and yet she somehow manages to get herself in the frame properly almost every time.

My son does not have a webcam yet, and has an ancient computer yet he managed to get his first video game review up on our blog.  I am blessed with two great children, a guy can’t really ask for anything more. 

Shout out to my ex, we have great kids and that’s thanks to the great job you did with them.

Check out what they are doing:

I plan to do a review of Real Steel with Hugh Jackman later this week to post on our blog and possibly a YouTube review of it as well.

Carpe Diem,


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