YouTubin’ for you all

Man, I figured this YouTube thing would be pretty easy.  Not so much.  I don’t have equipment yet so I am doing my videos with my mobile phone and the lighting sucks.

I also am pretty boring so far, but it will get better.  It is fun to do though.  I have a wide variety of topics to cover.  I also really, really need to learn to be much more succinct and to the point.  That’s going to be my biggest challenge by far.

I guess the best solution for that is to do multiple videos instead of one long one.  Sorry for how long the first one was, but I hope you hang with it.

The link is  My daughter also has her own channel and she is really funny.  I know that I am biased since I am her dad, but you should check it out and decide for yourself.

Then come back and tell me what you think.

I would love feedback and suggestions.  I also would love to hear any ideas for topics you would like to see covered, it can be just about anything. 

Lastly I respectfully request that you pass the word if you get something from my videos and feel that others might too.

I really believe that if enough people view the videos and Tweet about them, and post links on Facebook etc. that companies will take notice.  Especially if you use the @ sign on Twitter and the company’s Twitter handle. 

Pretty much every company today monitors their Twitter feeds and Tweets about them, get their attention.

I really want this channel to be something that you enjoy and get something from.  In the coming weeks I will cover Netflix, Starbucks, WB Pictures.

In the videos I will also mention charitable organizations that I feel are doing good and deserve attention, especially newer charities that you may not yet be familiar with.

As always thanks for visiting my blog, I am honored and humbled that you took the time.



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