Weekly YouTube videos coming and Wal-Mart

So really great couple of days.  Spending time with my daughter and thrilled that we are finally communicating again.  Just got back from standing in line at Wal-Mart for an hour to make an exchange.

I actually recorded some of this because of what went down.  You know the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished”?  Well that came true this evening.  I still had about 8 people in front of me and the line had grown to the point where there were probably another 20 people behind me.

The line was stretched across the opening to the returns department, when an older handicapped lady in a motorized scooter needed to get in to the department, so I made room for her and joked with her $5.00 please and she laughed and said “as soon as I get my money” and went on through.

Now silly me I thought she either already had somebody in the department and was joining them or she had some other business, that didn’t require a cashier.

But, no she actually wheeled on up to the counter and cut in front of about 30 people.  Mouths opened jaws agape!  Oh no she didn’t, but oh yes she did.

It got a little heated between her and one customer but all’s well that ends well, but they only had two cashiers for these 30 people in line. 

I have been looking at doing a YouTube channel where I could do one video per week and I finally came up with an idea that I think is worthwhile.

Essentially I hope that others can live vicariously through my channel by viewing me ranting and raving about different topics that affect many of us and that you can relate to.

The first one relates to my customer service experience this week with United Airlines and the sending of jobs off shore and how that affects us as a country and how it affects customer service.

I really intend to have fun with this and it won’t be terribly serious although I do feel that, that particular issue is important as well as others that I will address.  Unfortunately today many companies won’t address issues directly with consumers but through the power of social media today, it levels the playing field and enables the average joe, to have their voice heard.

I plan to put the first video up by tomorrow night, and then plan to post one every Monday.  I have plenty of material already prepared for the next 7-8 weeks.  The videos will not be fancy production value wise, but they will I believe have interesting content.  The videos will be completely unscripted, of course I have a script in my head of what I plan to say, but I won’t have a written script, cue cards, or a teleprompter, yeah right like I could afford a teleprompter.

I hope you enjoy them and I ask three things, which I will ask during each video:

1.  I would appreciate and welcome comments, suggestions and any other feedback whether positive or negative.

2.  I would love to see requests for topics that you would like to see covered here.

3.  I would respectfully ask that if you find the videos to be worthwhile that you tell others and or pass on the link.

I will post the link in my Twitter feed when the first video is up.



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