My daughter, the book and short post

I am beyond thrilled that my daughter is coming to visit me.  To say that our relationship has been strained for the past 18 months would be a major understatement, so this is huge and well what else can I say about it?  If you have kids and have ever experienced a distance from them for whatever reason you understand and can relate.

Now if you have followed my Tweets, read this blog or followed me on Facebook you will have seen me reference the fact that I am writing my first book.

I really had not planned on divulging the topic of the book until I was ready to publish it, but I gave it a great deal of thought and prayer and decided that I may as well slowly let the cat out of the bag.

But I chose to do it in a sly way by placing information about it someplace on my blog, just not on the front page.

I have written about 30 pages and have plenty of material to make it worthwhile.  I will be donating at a minimum 10% of after tax profits from the sale of the book and as much as 100%.  I know it will get published because I am going to initially self-publish it.  Gotta love technology!

Trust me it’s not too tough to find out what the book is about if you have any interest.

So that’s it for today, I am going to be leaving shortly for the Airport to pick her up and have some dinner.

If you find my blog useful, interesting, informative, entertaining or in any other way useful please pass it on.



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