Crossing the chasm for Peanut

Today’s post is deeply personal and is dedicated to Peanut with special thanks to G.

About one and a half years ago I lost something that was very precious to me.  What I lost was more valuable than you can imagine.  It was more valuable than the most perfect Diamond on earth, it was more precious than Gold.  What I lost was one of a kind and irreplaceable. 

Ever since I lost it, I have been searching and doing everything I could to find it.  Well today I saw it, and I was as close to getting it back as I had ever been.  The problem though was that I was on the edge of a chasm as wide as you an imagine and as wide as the chasm was it was ten times as deep.

I was on one side of the chasm and my precious item that I feared might be lost forever was on the opposite side of the chasm, and I could not go backwards nor could I go around in order to get to the other side.

The only way to reach this precious item was to move straight forward across the chasm, on a rickety unstable wooden rope bridge.  You know like the kind you see in the movies, that sways dangerously back and forth and as the hero tries to cross it, planks break off and fall in to the darkness.

Now I do not like heights, oh okay I have a fear of them, okay I said it.  So there was my predicament, I really desperately wanted and more than wanted, needed to finally be reunited with this one of a kind precious item, but there was my fear of plunging in to the darkness below.

All of a sudden I was shoved from behind and I stumbled forward on to the bridge.  Of course I was only a few steps forward across the chasm and I could have crawled back to firm ground, but I was so close, closer than I had been before and so I had to conquer my fear and move forward.

I strengthened my resolve and crept slowly and cautiously further and further across the bridge.  Knowing full well that one false move and I would plunge in to the depths of the chasm and might never again find this precious item.

Happily I made it to the other side of the chasm and for the first time in a long time I finally had found my cherished Peanut.





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