From the mouth of babes

I have always firmly believed that you can learn from anybody and in fact I most appreciate little children and the elderly.

Little children because they have no censor button and they see things from a totally different prism than we do and they just tell it like it is. 

The elderly because they have wisdom and experience.

Today I was talking to my son, who unfortunately is a few thousand miles away and I don’t get to see him, but I try to talk to him as often as possible.

                                                             Hunt with Gracie

                                                       HUNTER WITH GRACIE

I was talking to him about my blog and various other initiatives that I am working on including YouTube and one of the first things he said was “You like SOPA?”  I asked him if he had actually bothered to read the post, and he admitted that he had not, because I said I liked SOPA!

This really cracked me up and I was busting a gut, at the fact that I thought I was being extremely clever and creative with the title with the expectation that, the rather controversial title would entice people to read the post.

His take though made me think that maybe it would do the opposite, so go figure. 

Now my son is not a little kid anymore he is almost 16, and he is wise beyond his years.  I guess somehow his mom and I did okay in the raising the kid department.

I was really blown away by how clever he is.  Once we started talking about YouTube, he not only turned me on to several cool channels that are getting in some cases millions of views, but he also was very well versed on how YouTube works.

He also was familiar with the monetization of YouTube and had some great ideas.  I learned more about YouTube in a short conversation with my son than I had in previous research. 

Bottom-line folks is you never stop learning and you can learn from anyone.

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