I love SOPA and you probably do too!

Gotcha!  The title got you to check out this post didn’t it?  I know it was tricky on my part, but with all the noise on the web I need to get creative to grab your attention.

Okay I don’t really love SOPA as in the ill conceived Stop Internet Piracy Act bill.  I DO NOT support piracy however, the bill is just too restrictive and it sends a chill down my spine to think what would happen it were to pass as is.

I do however love sopa!  Lentil is one of my favorites.  Split Pea too.

See it’s a play on words, since sopa in Spanish means soup.

This post is for my friends and relatives in Argentina and other parts of the world.

Te amo mucho!

I need to work on my spanish.  That’s on the drawing board for 2012.


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